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The word 'Dojo' was originally a Buddhist word that signified a place of retreat and contemplation. In our modern terminology it has come to signify the place where we practice our Martial Arts.

Each dojo creates its own atmosphere depending on the particular art and the style of teaching that goes on there but all dojos throughout the world share the feeling of people training together with a common purpose in an atmosphere of respect for the art and fellow practitioners. The physical dojo is created with walls, mats, pictures and mirrors. The true dojo is created purely by the energy of our training.

People aged 13 years and over can join our adult classes (we currently don't have any children's classes).
Welcome to our Dojo! Our full address is:

The Winchester Project (aka The Winch)
21 Winchester Road
Camden, London, NW3 3NR
Dojo Fees:

Free taster session (*please bring loose comfortable clothing)

£45 per calendar month
£120 per quarter

£30 per calendar month
£80 per quarter

£100 per quarter

£10 per class (this fee is intended for visitors and beginners who do not set up a standing order)

Membership: £45 per year


Every Wednesday 7PM - 9PM & Saturday 11AM- 1PM
(except Xmas or Easter Weekends).

Contact details:

Email: info@meidokan.org
Phone: 07507 829900
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Student Testimonials:

"Four years since I started Aikido at Meidokan, I'm still learning. Training is not physically easy but it lifts me up both physically and mentally. I am grateful that I get the opportunity to meet people from all over the world through Aikido." Mariko

"I always wanted to do some kind of martial arts to boost my confidence and learn to defend myself and others. I don't like the idea of hurting anyone but I would like to be able to have some control if I got into trouble.

What I saw when I watched the first class was discipline, team work, respect and of course techniques. It was exactly what I was looking for.

Aikido looks very simple but since I started training I have learnt that 'basic' means correct, with beautiful focus, connecting parts of my body to stay well balanced and strong while also relaxed. The smallest detail in a technique can make all the difference.

I learn and correct myself in every class. The Meidokan is a very disciplined school of aikido with a nice and friendly atmosphere. I feel very happy to have joined. The dojo is like a family to me. I would like to thank the instructors for their attention and the time they take explaining and helping.

I really enjoy going to the dojo and I can not wait for the next class!" Toufik