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The Art of Aikido

Aikido can be translated as 'The Way of Harmony'. It is purely a defensive classical Martial Art that allows the practitioner of Aikido (Aikido-ka) to use an aggressors' own power and momentum to subdue and neutralize an attack. Rather than using more force to oppose force, the Aikido-ka allows the aggressor to initiate the attack and by use of circular movement causes them to lose balance. By using a lock or a throw the Aikido-ka neutralizes the threat using minimum appropriate force. In this way the Aikido-ka is not dependent on superior size or strength in order to create effective control. It is for this reason that Yoshinkan Aikido is the single Martial Art that is taught to every female police officer in Japan.

By constant training in basic movements and basic techniques the aikido practitioner learns to be both centered and strongly rooted.

Finally, Aikido offers its practitioners both physical and spiritual well being through a demanding, vigorous training scheme that cultivates both mind and body. No matter what age group or gender, Aikido is an art for all.

The Way of Harmony

The 'do' in Aikido means 'The Way'. As in Karate-do (Way of the Empty Hand), Judo (The Way of Yielding) or even Shodo (Way of Calligraphy), this path is seen in its essence as a path towards self-realization rather than merely a collection of techniques.

The (Japanese) Martial Arts that we practice today are the direct descendants of the Martial Skills that the Samurai practiced for over three hundred years ago. As Japan became unified and the need of a highly trained group of military fighters became less immediate, the killing arts of the Samurai (Bujutsu) developed into the Martial Way (Budo), thus combining the discipline and skills of the warriors' training with the new goals of development of peace, harmony and self-understanding.

In our modern world, the qualities of the warrior discipline, self-knowledge and a code of conduct by which to live are perhaps more important than they have ever been. These Ways (Budo) give us the means to train towards that ideal.

Aikido - The Way of Harmony